21th International Conference
on Bacilli and Gram-Positive Bacteria

June 14–17, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Registration Info & Conference Fees

Registration will open on 15 February and will be closed on 15 March with no extension of this time window. Upon registration, your invoice will be sent to you, payable within two weeks. The conference will be limited to 280 participants.

Registration fee

  • Student/postdoc: 10,000 CZK
  • PI/senior scientist: 11,500 CZK
  • Non academic: 13,000 CZK

Cancellation policy

What if the conference is cancelled?
In the unfortunate case when the conference will have to be cancelled due to the epidemiological situation, we will return part of your registration fee to your bank account, depending on the date of cancellation.

  • If cancelled before 21 May, we will return 90 % of the registration fee (10 % are manipulation and bank transfer fees).
  • If cancelled after 21 May, we will return 50 % of the registration fee.