21st International Conference
on Bacilli and Gram-Positive Bacteria

June 14–17, 2022
Prague, Czech Republic

Call for Abstracts

To submit an abstract, you must first complete the registration form. After successful registration you will receive a registration ID and a control PIN (5-digit numeric password), you will need these details together with the e-mail you provided during registration to submit your abstract. If you proceed with the abstract submission immediately after registration, the authorization details will be transferred automatically to the entry form.

Each participant may submit only one abstract.

You to correct a submitted abstract later by resubmitting a new one; this will overwrite the previously submitted version. You may only make corrections to your abstract before the deadline for abstract submission (which is the same as the deadline for registration), see the important dates page.

For further details on how to register for the Conference and a link to the registration form, click here.

If you need submit or update your abstract, please contact the conference secretariat.